It's ok to take time off

On leaving academia series

Hi Lovelies,

Happy Friday and bank holiday weekend. I hope you are all going to manage some form of down time - the kind that works for you.

It’s been a tough week at The Learning Curve Collective. Anxiety over what is happening with lockdown, and my kids needing much more of my time and emotional support.

On top of this, reading the news of what is happening for friends and colleagues in HE in the UK - as institutional responses to COVID-19 reveal the worst parts of the sector. Reading of mass redundancies and sacking is just appalling. I might be on the ‘outside’, but I still care deeply.

It’s ok to take time off

So, this is a short and sweet post today because I’m also going to try and take some time out.

For me, that is time away from my laptop screen.

This is one of the key lessons from my move out of academia. Of course setting up a new business and growing requires A LOT of work - often at strange hours. However, I made it a priority in leaving academia that I would try to unlearn some of the worst forms of over-working. This is a daily practice.

Taking time out and off is very difficult in academia when workloads are unsustainable. BUT, we can take small steps and think about how we might want to do things differently.

The ethos of The Collective

That is a huge underpinning value of The Learning Curve Collective; to find ways of working better together that help us all.

It’s why I’m sharing my journey here and on my social media channels and blog. It’s why I set up the closed Facebook Group for subscribers.

I want this to be a place of candid conversations; of generosity; of intellectual nourishment. A place without judgement and where it is ok to have fun and reveal who you are - as an academic and as a person.

Friday’s prompt: find your off switch

So, I’ll leave you today with an invitation to find a small way to switch off from some things.

Ask yourself - write it out - what kind of time off and out do I need? What am I going to do to find it.

We have to TAKE time, not make it.

I’ll be back on Tuesday next week.

V x

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