Meet yourself Mondays

Take time to plan before you start again

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well.

Along with celebrating 1 year in Business this month, I am also celebrating my son’s 6th Birthday today.

So, this will find you as I’m trying to ice a cake.

I’ve chosen not to work this morning - this is quite different than life before COVID and going self-employed; Monday morning would normally be all about the back to school and work scramble out of the door.

Now that we are all ‘at home’, I’m embracing the flexibility that it can bring; having slower morning and carving out times to get back into work and learning gently.

Meet yourself on a Monday Morning

I’ve come across this idea of blocking out your Monday morning to ‘meet’ yourself on social media recently amongst self-employed women.

The premise is that instead of trying to plan the week on Sunday evening to hit the ground running on a Monday, you rather use that Monday morning time to take stock and really plan. To allow yourself a few hours to recalibrate.

This works well for me as I’m not great in the mornings due to chronic ill health that means a very disrupted sleep and the need to gear up to the day. It also works well for me as a moment to decompress and switch from parenting to working mode.

When I take a few hours to have breakfast, get dressed, journal and review the week, I feel much better prepared and a Monday afternoon of emails and admin is fine. Does it really matter if you reply at 9am or 12 noon?

Crafting our own working routines in lockdown

While in lockdown, it can feel like everyday blends into one; therefore we have to work harder at distinguishing between ‘work times’ and ‘off times’. We should use this to insist on trying to create healthier routines. Just because we can be on our laptop at all times/anywhere, we don’t have to be.

Although not physically ‘going’ anywhere; you can still be unavailable if you are working on writing, research, planning. You don’t have to say yes to every single Zoom request; or at least, jump to the timetable of others.

If you are feeling that you have to be ‘visible’ online at all working hours, ask yourself why? I do remember this feeling while I was working from home on days where I was not able to come onto campus; that sense of having to somehow ‘prove’ you are working. The ableist - and misogynist- assumptions that working at home is somehow a ‘rest’ run deep.

Have you taken time to take stock of 2020 yet?

Last week I spoke about taking stock at this mid-point of 2020 - a year that has been the worst in my living memory.

What are the small and important things that have stayed constant for you and are still true to your goals?

What has gone off your list?

I’d love to hear how you are getting on - so hit reply, or come over and chat on Twitter or Instagram.

Go on - take some time to meet yourself and get to know what your aims for the rest of this year are.

Until next time,

V x