Mid-week checking in

How are you doing?

Dr Vik Turbine

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you are all well.

Have you carved out any time to do a mid-year review? Have you blocked out some time to meet with yourself?

If not, a Wednesday is a great time to do it; the middle point of the week when you can re-assess whether you are on track, or need to rethink your plans.

What I love about a mid-way check in

I’ve been reflecting on a lot relating to my work this month; a year out of academia; a year in business; 2 years since I burnout; and the half-way point of this year.

I’ve asked myself the following:

  • What are the core things that have worked well - what am I proud of?

  • What has not gone as I planned - and how do I feel about that?

  • What am I going to continue doing, or change?

While, these work well for looking back over a year of six months, you can apply them to any time-scale. I return to these questions often.

These three prompts give you the bones and core of what matters to you. It is important to stay anchored to that; or, to change if what you planned is no longer serving you.

I’ve posted on my blog my reflection of how I have made it past the 1 year in business marker - offering some practical tips and some prompts to think about if the possibility of self-employment is on your horizon or mind.

I’ll be adding more to the blog over the coming weeks on the identity work of leaving academia; how my business continues to evolve; and why I’m paring back and focussing on offering fewer things; the services that add most value and make the most difference.

What else would you like to hear more about?

Thinking about a change of path? Join the Facebook group

I work with women in academia - both those staying in and getting unstuck, as well as women who are exploring the possibility of a change (in place, pace or career).

I’ll be hosting a live ‘mini-mindset reset’ chat tomorrow on my closed Facebook group for subscribers at 4pm.

I’ll be chatting about the core questions to ask yourself before you think about any moves - making sure the choices you make are yours and are propelled by moving towards the good - rather than running from the bad.

‘1 hour wonder’ sessions: availability for July

If you are thinking about coaching, I have a limited number of 1 hour sessions available in July. These are suitable to trouble-shooting and regaining clarity on a core aspect of work, or a writing project.

These cost £119 and this includes a pre-session workbook with prompts to get planning; a one hour Skype or Zoom call; a follow up action plan via email; an accountability check in email 6 weeks after your call.

I am trialling a direct booking system using Calandly, which you can link to here. If you book, you will receive an email from me with contact details, invoice and preparation workbook.

Book a 1 hour Session here

As ever, my inbox is open as are my DMs - always happy to chat and to hear if there are any specific questions you would like me to tackle in the newsletter.

with love,

V x