Staying connected in self-isolating times: want in?

Daily mindset prompts & hacks for getting through the new normal

Hi Lovelies,

I hope this finds you safe and well.

These strange times are about to become our new normal - how can we make them liveable?

Adapting to the new normal

I’ve some experience of social-isolating given my chronic illness and my working mainly online from home. However, this new scenario of us all being together is impacting again.

You may be like me - trying to figure out how to manage working from home while our families are now also working (and possibly learn) in the same space.

I’d love to make core aims of The Learning Curve Collective really come into their own during this time; keeping our collective accessible, intelligent, candid. And sharing kindness.

A daily check-in & a virtual Friday Night In-In

On that note, I’ve decided to run a pop-up social media check in for these strange times.

Each day I’ll send out a mindset reflection prompt or hack to the mailing list. This is to try to help with getting the day started as best we can and resetting through the week as we need to.

The prompts will be a mix of encouraging self-compassion and finding practical ways to get through this.

I hope we can retain our humour and collective spirit, so I’m also going to host a Facebook Live on a Friday night (7.30-9pm) where cups of tea, glasses of wine, pets, kids, or yourself are welcome! We’ll take collective stock of how we are all doing.

If you want in, stay subscribed and please do share with others who might be interested.

Ask to join the closed Facebook Group - you need to be a member of the collective (a free newsletter subscriber). Request to join here

My thoughts this week on working & living well in self-isolation

I’ve been sharing some of my practices for getting through this new normal on the blog this week. More to come as we go through.

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