Taking the best of the days

Tiny wins.

Dr Vik Turbine

Hi Lovelies,

I hope this Friday is going well and you have some rest time planned.

It is apparently another Bank Holiday weekend. I’d forgotten. Hence, getting to the computer to write a little note to you a little later.


The best of days?

It got me thinking about how we distinguish holiday days from work days during lockdown. When most days feel similar and our usual Bank Holiday activities are not an option.

For us, with kids at home, we have also relaxed down on the school routine, so much of our days feel like our holidays used to.

The food writer Jack Munroe tweeted yesterday about how much joy there is - for some of us who have the opportunity to work and home school - in being able to see more of our kids grow and develop - what we might otherwise miss.

I’m not quite ready for home schooling; I miss that incidental down time I get doing the school runs; listening to a podcast, or just thinking. That time that is not about ‘doing’ anything other than getting from A-B. This also made me think about parts of the commute that might also be missed - that time to read a novel, or stare out of the window, or snooze, or check emails.

Scotland has announced a return to a blended schooling approach in August, which means an element of home schooling is here for us for some time. So, it made me think about how we might harness and retain the best outcomes of these difficult days.

Whether you are in lockdown with kids, or not, what are you finding you can do more of?

Some thoughts for the weekend - and the week

Why do we save the best of our times for last?

What would happen if we bring more of our holiday times into the everyday?

Why do we think our working weeks have to be hard work?

What could we retain in our new constrained routines that might be doing us good - what one best thing could you do for yourself today?

I’ve put on a spritz of my 40th Birthday ‘posh’ perfume and I’m wearing in my new running trainers. These feel like good, tiny things to start with.

This is our life at the moment, let’s live it.

See you next week,

V x