There are weeks when the wheels come off

And then we get moving again

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

It’s been a little while since I last spoke to you…

When the wheels come off, you will grind to a halt

We know that lockdown is difficult for pretty much everyone. Having kids at home presents it’s own set of particular challenges.

I’m very lucky in that I co-parent and co-work with my husband at the moment. I’ve been coping fairly well so far. Until last week when my husband got unwell - not COVID, but a tooth infection. With no access to a dentist. As he miserably waited for his antibiotics to kick in, I was in the parenting driving seat.

With a chronic illness that means times of utter fatigue and pain - this presents a challenge.

With a son who is reverting to only wanting to sit on, or near, his mum, the challenge becomes greater. It’s not just the physical aspects of not being able to do much, but the emotional and mental load of worrying about them all.

By Wednesday, it was clear that my week was not going to work out as planned.

Sometimes, even our most meticulously plotted out plans, just don’t work anymore.

So, I contacted my clients and cleared my diary - thankfully, I work with amazing women who were kind and generous; my guilt started to abate a little.

Acceptance and time for repair

I’m telling you this because you might be feeling similar at this point. You are probably also worrying about showing up for students and colleagues and kids and parents and partners and yourself.

You might be pushing through it all, showing up, but not really moving forward.

My prompt for this week then is to make time to think about what you can do when you are feeling like this.

Equally, think about what you can say no to, and what you can ask to pause. Then do it - ask.

If you are anything like me, your mind will be still racing on ahead; working overtime on all of those plans and projects and words you want to get out there.

Get that notebook out, and wrestle out a free hand, and scratch and scribble until you get those plans out there; they will keep for later. When you are ready to put them into action again.

A DIY haircut, banana tartlets and time

As Sunday approached, we were all feeling a little bit better. A bit more ready to start again.

I decided enough my with split ends and DIY cut my hair - it’s ok. I feel almost as good as I do when I usually get my haircut - in need of a refresh and a reset.

I also got my son into the kitchen with me and he made us these banana tartlets for pud.

This was a good way to celebrate the end of a difficult week and look forward to a more cautious start to the new.

Less engines revving and racing ahead, more putting the L plates up again.

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